Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thanks and taking my time

Hey everyone well I'll admit I haven't been doing much writing to be honest this is the first thing I have written all day other than messages on Facebook but that's just me I like to take my time when I write. I am about to work on "Falcon X" which will be my first novel but it might be added as a collection of short stories that I have written also thanks to my friend and Tribal sis Kristin Mckittrick I have the covers to both "Moonlight Dreams Light v/s Dark" and "Falcon X" both of which will be posted below and on their respective pages later on and while I'm at it I want to give a shout out to my mentors Lindsay Avalon, Milly Taiden and Rebecca Jane Lynch. These three beautiful ladies have been great inspiration and have been there for me lately when I was feeling down. So please check out their pages and their books. Why well be cause They Rock! Also I want to thank Katie Shelby and Kristin Mckittrick for helping me with the blog, thanks to Katie for working on the "Starlight Followers" picture for me and a huge thanks to the rest of Lindsay's Avalon's Lovelies because we are the best ASS on the Internet (if you are a member of the group then you will understand what I said) well everyone I better get back to work but I want to leave you not only with the new covers to my book but with a music video the name of the song is "Stand up" by Twill so I hope that you enjoy it. Peace, Love and Cheddar Fries
~Bryant A. Oliver

The new covers to "Moonlight Dreams" and "Falcon X" done by Kristin Mckittrick
Stand up by twill music video

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hey everyone and welcome to my blog page. Here you can learn more about me and about and my various projects I hope that you will check out the various pages and my blog.